Conference…generally speaking

So, I know there are a couple things “they” say you shouldn’t talk about in a public forum:

  1. Politics
  2. Religion

Well, I broke that rule a couple posts ago (see “Beau and the Bible“) and I’m about to break it again. But I’m gonna break it completely…

I’m not only a Christian, I happen to be a Mormon.

There. Now you know. I’m still proud of it. I know that there are a lot of misconceptions and rumors out there about my church.







All I’m asking is this: give us a chance for yourself before you believe the hype and gossip you hear.

As a matter of fact, this weekend there is a great opportunity to really find out what our Church is all about. You see this weekend is known as “General Conference” weekend for the almost 16 million members of the Mormon Church, or Latter-Day Saints as we prefer to be called. This Saturday and Sunday we will hear from many of our Church’s leaders. Basically we believe in the same organization that existed in the primitive Church, namely, Apostles and Prophets. We also have one of the biggest women’s organization on the planet led by faithful women who teach our church members as well. There are 5 sessions of speakers this weekend, each lasting about 2 hours. The sessions area as follows:

  • Saturday 10-12
  • Saturday 2-4
  • Saturday 6-8


  • Sunday 10-12
  • Sunday 2-4

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, we are willing to sit through 10 hours of religious teachings in one weekend. But that’s just how good it is.

So, in the spirit of this blog, I invite you to listen for some great advice this weekend during General Conference. I know that if you’ll listen with an open heart, you may just hear something that will bless your life, help you make a decision, bring peace to your soul, or courage to your life.

You can check out the live stream right here.


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