Magic 8 ball.

You know what I haven’t seen in awhile? A magic 8 ball. Remember those things? If you don’t know what they are, well you can Google it, but the short explanation is that it is a toy that looks like a giant 8 ball. It is full of a dark liquid and there is a small piece of hard plastic at the top. Inside there is some sort of 20 sided dice with a brief “answer” written on it. Stuff like “Yes”, “It will surely be so”, “Your chances don’t look good”. So basically you ask it a question, shake it up, then look to see what the answer is.

Weird, right?

Well I’m learning something about myself. I’m a pretty indecisive guy. I obsess over small decisions every day and waste a ton of time fretting over the small stuff. Then, a couple days ago I saw a magic 8 ball and all sorts of memories started coming back about all the times my friends and I would play “I dare you” and then we would ask the magic 8 ball if we should do whatever it was that we were dared to do. After my trip down memory lane, I had this stroke of what I believe to be inspiration. What if I lived my life like that? Not to an extreme, mind you, but what if I just…decided to decide. Life can be a little scary. Much like those games of “I dare you” I used to play. But what I realized is that the times that the 8 ball told me to do something I was afraid to do, it usually ended up being just fine. Heck, I probably even ended up enjoying it. I’m positive that is how life would be if I would just say “Yes” to more things and adopted an attitude of adventure.

Well, this wasn’t much of a post, but it felt good to rant!

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