Beach Life






This summer we went to the beach in Malibu for a couple of weeks.  We camped on the beach, and just played all day long.  It was relaxing.  Toes in the sand, no work (no cell phone even….I took my phone into the ocean on our first day there….sigh), the heavenly sound of the waves.  Our kids happily playing and building huge, colorful sand castles. (My wifey totally brought food coloring and gallon bags and dyed some of the sand. It was amazing!) We had so much fun just unplugging and playing and spending time together. And while I’ll admit, I had an enjoyable time, I hate going to the beach….well maybe not the beach, but INTO THE OCEAN.  Oh I hated every cry of “Daddy, come boogie board with me.”  Of course I went – because my wife made me – but the ocean is scary!   The ocean is dark and deadly and full of insane creatures like this:







I am honestly pee-your-pants terrified of sharks.  Seriously. I have some intense galeophobia.  A phobia of sharks.  I have horrible nightmares of these devilish creatures.  My kids now think it’s quite funny to hide stuffed sharks under my blanket or give me t-shirts with sharks on them. But in all seriousness, I don’t do oceans.  So I was very proud of myself for even being able to help my kids boogie board and explore the beautiful tide pools.  Will we go back? Probably, because Dad doesn’t really get a vote when it comes right down to it. But I’m pushing for something a little more family friendly….like Disneyland.

This summer, spend time with your family.  Relax and unwind.  Throw your phone into the ocean if you need to.  And maybe even conquer….or at least face…a fear.